Block editor


At the heart of Kobra is its block editor (built on Blockly). The block editor is used to build programs without needing to know about complicated programming language syntax.

On the left side, there is a toolbox, which holds all of the available blocks:

Screenshot of block toolbox

If you click on a tab, a flyout will open with the contents of it. You can then drag a block from the flyout onto the workspace.

To build a program, connect blocks to the "on run" block. Blocks will snap together when you drag them close to each other.

Screenshot of a block connected to the on run block

To get rid of a block, you can drag it onto the trash can, drag it onto the toolbox, or right click on it and select "delete block." To restore a deleted block, click on the trash can. A panel will open with its contents.

Shadow blocks

Some blocks in the toolbox may have "shadow blocks" attached to them:

Screenshot of print block with text shadow block connected to it

Shadow blocks are designated by being a lighter color than their non-shadow equivalent. These blocks are like placeholders; you can interact with them (in this case, edit the text in the text field), and you can run them like a normal block, but you can also put another block in that position: