Kobra Onboarding

Hey! Welcome to Kobra! We're so happy that you're trying it out, and we'd love your feedback! Here are some basic instructions for how to get started with Kobra – we realy hope you won't have to use these instructions, but when you do, please take a note of it so we'll know which parts of the experience aren't intuitive

Do not open the specific steps unless you're stuck

Here are the basic steps to creating a Kobra program (we're going to be creating a Simple Linear Regression):

  1. Upload dataset

    Download dataset here

    • Upload the file

      In the top right, go to the file upload tab and upload your dataset. If this isn't intuitive, please make a note of it

    • Load in the dataset

      Go to the variables tab and create a variable for data


      Set the data variable to a new dataframe – make the filename the same as the dataset you uploaded (the String block is in the text tab)


  2. Create X and y variables

    • Create variables for X and y

      Go to the variables tab and create a variable for X and y

    • Set each variable to one column of the dataframe

      Drag out the "Get column" block from the dataframes tab


  3. Create scatterplot

    • Add a scatterplot to the plot

      Get this blocks from the plots tab, and add it to your program


  4. Click the run button to view your scatterplot (in data visualization tab)

  5. Create & Train Linear Regression Model

    • Create a variable for your linear regression model

      Go to the variables tab, and create a variable for a model

    • Set it to a linear regression model

      Drag out the linear regression model from the Linear Regression tab and set model to it


    • Fit the linear regression model

      Drag out the fit linear regression model block and fit the model variable


  6. Make prediction with linear regression

    • Make a prediction and print it out

      Drag out the print block from the text category, and then use the create text block to combine a string saying "Prediction (5 yrs experience)" and your predction


      Add in a prediction block, where you're making a prediction with your linear regression model (in linear regression tab)


Full program

  • Full program